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Binaural Beats Music

Binaural Beats is a sound healing technique that synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain creating brain wave states of sleep, meditation or alertness.  The end results of Binaural Beats can be Lucid Dreaming, better sleep, pain reduction, creativity, better focus and improved memory.

My journey of creating this music started after a painful breakup, and I was searching for a way to get through the heartache and mental looping.  I had known about Binaural Beats for years and I had listened to binaural Beats music and also I have apps for binaural beats which always had positive effects.  So, I decided to create my own music, I focused on the Hypnogogic frequency, 7.8 hz, or the God frequency.  This is where the brainwave states transition from Alpha to Theta, or from meditative focus to deep relaxation and sleep. As I spent time composing music, 3 or 4 hours at a time, I noticed a new relaxed awareness, fluid creativity, lucid dreaming, and a feeling in my brain that speech formulated easier.  This speech aspect is important for me because I grew up shy, not speaking much, actually more time was spent practicing piano that talking. Somehow, through the beats, I was activating or strengthening my brain to function more efficiently, and found a way to get through the depression of the breakup.

Binaural Beats are created by playing tones of different frequencies, while listening on headphones. The Brain processes this sound data, and synchronizes to the difference between the frequencies.  For example, the left ear hears 207.8 hertz and the right hears 200hz, the brainwave state synchronizes to the difference of the frequencies, 207.8 – 200 = 7.8.

There are no harmful effects with Binaural Beats, except maybe hearing loss from playing them too loud.   I’ve been listening for hours at a time at creating this music and I’m still ok, I think, LOL.

Binaural Beats


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