Kirtan is call and response singing of the names of the Divine, or God, sung in the ancient poetic language of sanskrit. This is a practice that started in 15th century India as a yogic practice of devotion to the higher self, or Bhakti Yoga, as a way of knowing and feeling the Divine in our lives. Through the repetition of the chanting a meditative vibe organizes and is fostered through the group, lifting us up, helping us to relax and let go of the negative that is dragging us down, and ultimately knowing the divine within.

Bradford Smith and the Bhavantu Band

Developing a Kirtan sound with influences from traditional Haidakhan chants along with original songs, Bradford and the Bhavantu Band are creating a unique and accessible sound that will inspire the beauty and joy of Ecstatic Kirtan and Bhakti music.

Kirtan Recordings

Below are my recordings of kirtan Songs that I have been working on with my friends.  This is a collection of songs that I have been working on over the past few years.  Some of it is amazing and some of it is ok, yikes.... the internal critic getting in the way again, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha!



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