Bradford  Smith

Musician, Recording Artist, Creating music for the inner connection.

Vocalist, Piano/Keyboards, Native American flute, Tibetan Singing Bowls,  Saxophone and Flute.

Bradford Smith, an accomplished musician on Piano/keyboards, Saxophone, Native American Flute, Tibetan Singing bowls, Didgeridoo, explores soundscapes that inspires the listener to explore consciousness with greater awareness.  Study of Reiki, Yoga, Shamanism, Rebirthing, and leading Kirtans have helped him expand his awareness to share the connection with the audience.  His latest compositions with Binaural Beats Music/meditations are guiding him to a new relaxed awareness, lucid dreaming and a new reality.

Check out my music on these pages;
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Native American Flute
Binaural Beats



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